Announcing a new online journal

Welcome to the home of the new online journal Bone Bouquet. As a publisher of women’s poetry, Bone Bouquet seeks to publish the best new writing by female poets, both established and emerging.

The first issue will appear here as a .pdf download on January 1, 2010.

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4 Responses to Announcing a new online journal

  1. Tzynya says:

    Great news! I will pass this along and look forward to the release in January.

  2. Lauren Hewitt says:


    Wonderful to see this! Thanks for making Bone Bouquet happen.

    It would be nice to know what the turn-around time is to be notified if one’s poetry has been chosen for publication and which poems were chosen. One would assume that it would not be until after October 2009. But…

    • bonebouquet says:


      So wonderful to see your enthusiasm!

      While there is no official turn-around time calendar, we are fairly quick. You can consult our listing at Duotrope’s Digest, though, and view the statistics they keep at their site based on reports from writers and poets.


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