All-star Roster

Announced! Though copies of Issue 2.2 are slightly delayed in production, we’re pleased to announce the contributors’ names in advance of the issue’s availability:

Rosa Alcalá
Kimberly Alidio
Cynthia Arrieu-King
Sarah Bridgins
Trina Burke
Rachel Busnardo
Marisa Crawford
Mariela Mendéz and Daniel Coudriet (translators)
Shira Dentz
Dana Inez
Megan Kaminski
Becca Klaver (prose)
Natalie Lyalin
Gina Myers
Eileen Myles
Daniela Olszewska
Emily Pettit
Deborah Poe
Michelle Taransky
Danielle Vogel
Suzanne Wise
Lila Zemborain (in English and Spanish)

Copies begin shipping on JULY 29. Still time to pre-order!

And additional good news: Issue 2.1 was reviewed at Galatea Resurrects. Read Eileen Tabios’ generous assessment of our work here.

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