Issue 2.2
Issue 2.1

Issue 1.2, July 2010
Issue 1.1, January 2010

5 Responses to Archives

  1. Georgia Santa Maria says:

    Wonderful work. Glad to see a new venue for women poets. I once had a teacher who said “There have never been any woman poets worth reading.” Made me want to write! Keep up the good work.
    Georgia Santa Maria

  2. annette c boehm says:

    I just found out about your journal through jenny boully’s blog and I am impressed!

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  4. Nicole Barth says:

    What a beautiful blog! And so inspiring. I, too, write poetry. I am very impressed with several of the poems that my friend forwarded to me. Keep up the great work, ladies.

    In case anyone is curious in the type of poetry I write, here is my blog:

    Have a wonderful day everyone, and keep writing! :)

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