Current Issue


Issue 3.1 Winter 2012

Mary Biddinger
Laynie Browne
Kate Colby
Lisa M. Cole
Anna Elena Eyre
Joanna Fuhrman
Barbara Henning
Lily Ladewig
Ashleigh Lambert
Rachel Levitsky
Caolan Madden
Lauren Nicole Nixon
Anji Reyner
Paige Taggart
Elisabeth Workman
Lesley Yalen

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10 Responses to Current Issue

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  5. I enjoyed the selection of poetry and voices in this issue. Kristy Bowen’s what monster left me with a eerie and memorable feeling. The lines

    “I forgot about the war while rearranging the plates.
    We wanted to understand what science was, that big blue
    hope bursting through our door. ”

    were particularly striking. They captured the spirit of curiosity and a never-reachable inclusiveness of mundane knowledge with mindful philosophy. The feeling I was left with was familiar. The poem seemed to vocalize a frustration and almost a guilt I feel every day. I will remember it as one of my favorites.

    Kate Schapira’s poems were equally as remarkable. The last line in CAUTION offered a beautiful picture and was a perfect summation for the poem.

    What a treat! Thank you very much.

    Charlotte Beard

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